Post Pregnancy + Yoga

In just a few short days I will begin teaching Mommy and Me! Its nice to get back into the swing of yoga, although it definitely didn’t come back to me as quickly as I was hoping. I started teaching prenatal about 2 weeks ago and I am shocked at how much stronger I was during pregnancy! NOT expecting that.

9 months pregnant!

A word to other new moms: it takes time! It took 9 months for our bodies to change, and it will probably take that same amount of time to get back into shape. My hips are so weak, my back is sore from wearing a carrier, my shoulders are tight from feeding, and the list goes on! But a few gentle yoga classes and stretches during the day have really helped my body.

A few weeks ago I attempted a yoga session in my basement (i clearly am not in shape to show myself in class, especially if any of my students are there). I go to lift from lunge into a warrior pose and almost fall flat on my face! I had to chuckle at myself and move on.

Take my advice: don’t push too hard, allow your body to heal, and allow yourself to move slowly.

Me and Bea enjoying some yoga time together! My little helper preparing me for Mommy and Me!

I’m enjoying my time with Bea too much to stress about ‘getting back into shape.’ I’d rather stare at her face and incorporate her into subtle movements so I can remember this stage! She is already growing up too fast.


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A lot changes in 5 months…

We went from a family of 3 (don’t forget olive!):

July 2012 our family of three… almost four!

To a family of four:

And then there were four.

Our beautiful Baby Bea was born on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 7lbs 3oz. Our lives have changed so much in the most amazing way possible. My husband was the most amazing labor partner, and an even better father.

Beatrice, 7lbs 3oz, 4:21pm, August 14, 2012

He is so smitten. She will be getting whatever she wants from her dad…

Just a few hours after delivery, taken by our first visitors, my wonderful sisters (who made it to recovery before me! ha)

Just a few days old. Spitting image of her dad. Except for her butt chin, that she inherited from me!


Needless to say, but life has been crazy in the best way possible. Hoping to keep up blogging (or my cousin might have a panic attack), as a way to document our new life, home, land, new beer brewing ventures by my husband, etc!

My sleeping Beauties! Olive really took to heart ‘when the babys sleeps, you sleep’


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“Honor your body”

This is my number one mantra for teaching. No matter what I show in class, no matter where others are, every student must honor their body. I find this to be so important when working on body awareness and controlling our egos.

Yet, as I move further into pregnancy, experiencing a bit more Braxton Hicks contractions than normal, I have found it hard to listen to my own advice. My doctor suggested I cut back; or stop teaching altogether.

I wasn’t mentally READY to stop teaching. And I’m still not.

But knowing that my number one priority is the health and safety of our baby girl, I knew it was time for me to back off a little bit. I cut my sunday classes from my schedule – the two classes back-to-back often led to increased contractions. This was such a hard decision for me because I absolutely love all of my students at Yin Yang Yoga Center. Seeing some almost every Sunday for over a year, I feel like I am losing contact with some of my friends. My sunday ritual is something I cherish, and something I hope to return to come the fall.

This also made me realize, that teaching is more than me just giving students a place to find movement. I knew this, and sometimes I leave teaching feeling such a state of peace, but this has just made me cherish this aspect of my life so much more.

Thank you, to all my wonderful students for your continued support, energy, and being; for participating in practice with me week-after-week with a smile on your face and only warm thoughts.  To Alicia, the owner of Yin Yang, and all other teachers there, for their friendship and patience during this time.

I will be offering a few ‘Farewell’ classes on Sunday, June 3rd, during my regular class times.

The light in me, bows to the light in you – Namaste

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I don’t want to find out gender…

HA! I said that the first couple weeks after we found out we were expecting…until we kept getting closer to the possibility of knowing – Also, lets face it, I can’t NOT know something.

Something I wasn’t expecting? That we BOTH were really excited to find out and see our little bean during the sonogram. I think we had the coolest tech. When he first pulled up the image the baby was moving around like a maniac, he said ‘there is a little yogi in there.’ We obviously start laughing and the baby contorted into this crazy position:

Halasana Pose

The next hour was awesome. Once my husband and I expressed our familiarity with anatomy he explained EVERYTHING to us. We saw the chambers of the heart, all of the baby’s organs, looked at bones, and measured lengths. It was so beautiful. And it was so amazing to be there with with my husband; definitely something I’ll never forget.

Finally it came for the big announcement. The tech pulled up a photo and had us tell him what we thought. And we both knew…IT’S A GIRL! We teared up a little and it is so nice to now be able to call her ‘she’ or ‘our girl’ or ‘our little soccer player’ – as she kicks me while I’m typing (I call this soccer practice).

The tech switched over to 3D and WOW. Not going to lie, 3D sonograms freak me out. I googled them the night before so the hubs knew what could possibly show up on screen and not get weirded out. Luckily, our lady is a beaut already and loves the camera. The last shot he took of her:

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

As soon as this photo popped on screen my husband looked at me and my arms were behind my head like hers. CRAZY!!

Since then, we’ve enjoyed our time bonding with our little lady. Finding out she was a girl also cut our naming battle down since we already choose a girls name, on here I’ll just refer to her as “Bee.”

Just the beginning!

Working on her nursery now, I hope my husband is ready to have 3 ladies in the house :o)

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Temporary Hiatus…

I took an unexpected and temporary hiatus form blogging. I have a lot to be updated, including a wonderful 5 day trip to Denver for our ‘babymoon,’ our yard which has just sprung up all around us, our impending blueberry picking, the death (RIP) of our seedlings, and the update of our kitchen.

I’m about to delve into my research for making blueberry preserves, just checked our inventory of jars and hope to have some jarring done by the end of this month!!! – my first experience ever with this.

So many things going on, that I had lost my groove, but stay tuned, this will be updated within the week with some interesting posts :o)

Till next time… I call this “Olive Under Cover”

Where's the dog?

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Busy Beas…

That last few weeks here have just been so busy with work in and out of the house! Inside the house, my husband is in the middle of concrete countertops to help us get rid of this hunter green counter top, and to actually have a full counter to extend down the wall.

'Before' Photo -- no after photo quite yet!

My husband has also been very busy clearing out a new outdoor seating area that extended into the woods. Him and brother did the bulk of the clearing, but my husband has since made a fire pit and lined the entire area with rocks from the orchard.

Looking from the entrance of the new area

We’ve had some other big news this week… but I’ll save that for its own post, because its worth it :o)

Also, we will soon be updating our finished bedroom photos, nursery progress, and a yoga post coming in soon!

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March Showers, Bring April Flowers

It seems like the our seasons are a bit different this year. We’ve definitely been having our April showers beginning in March. Thunderstorms 3 nights this week – I woke up from each! This has been making sleeping even more difficult with a baby on my bladder and loud cracks of thunder. But waking up everyday with new things growing is definitely parallel to whats happening to me. I can see it in nature, and I can see it in my belly!

We work up to these beautiful tulips:

Tulips - March 2012

Tulips - March 2012

Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and they have just blown up! A few days ago this was mostly sticks, and now it’s luscious. This makes me love the rain.

Still not sure what color they'll be, but I love all the options

I can’t help but post this… is reminds me of ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’….

I just want to slide down the leaf...

And I can’t forget one of the treasures left behind from the previous owners, a statue of David, surrounded by these beautiful flowers (I forget the name) but I love how they’re tear drops hanging down.

David statue with beautiful flowers.

Our fruit trees are still blooming, some buds seem to be appearing on the black raspberry bushes, although I can’t tell right now if these are for the leaves or the fruits, and we have our last set of March planting to do (lettuces, radish, carrots, etc), which will hopefully be done today if the sun helps us dry some of the new gardens. I don’t like working in mud, but c’est la vie!

I’ve decided I would like to line our driveway with forsythia. To me, Spring has always started with these yellow plants making their bright appearance. This year so many other things were also blooming at the same time, but I this a driveway lined with these would be such a beautiful way to begin Spring.


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Old Wives Tales


I have an app on my phone for the Web site ‘the bump’ where other pregnant ladies, moms, those trying to conceive, etc can gather in forums and share information, feelings, excitement. I don’t ever post, but just read through to see different things I am relating to.

One thing EVERYONE talks about is finding out the gender of the baby. I’ve seen a ton of references to old wives tales and what results they got, so we’ve decided to put it to the test!!

I found a site with some Old Wives Tales listed, here. I haven’t gotten through all of them quite yet, but plan on updating with all of the results. So here we go!

1. According to legend, 140+ beats per minute indicates a girl, and below 140 a boy.

Result: GIRL

2. Craving ice cream every single day? Some people believe this means it’s a girl. If you have to have salty or sour stuff, then it’s a boy.

Result: BOY

3. This ancient method uses your age at conception and the month you did the deed to determine gender.

Result: GIRL

4. Legend has it that the Mayans determined a baby’s sex by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it’s a girl. If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.

Result: BOY

5. This is one for a friend to try. Place a key in front of your preggo friend and ask her to pick it up. If she grabs it by the narrow part, she’s in for sugar and spice and all that. If she picks it up by the round part, it’s snips and snails.

SOMEONE NEEDS TO SNEAK THIS – but it seems bogus to me.

6. If you’re breaking out like crazy, blame it on your girl babe. The belief goes that girls steal their mother’s beauty, hence, those annoying zits.

Result: GIRL

7. Pop off your wedding ring — if you still can! — and tie it to a string. Hang it over your belly. If it swings in a circle, a little guy’s in your future. If it goes back and forth, you’ve got a girl.


8. Sick as a dog during the first trimester — or still? Signs indicate you’re having a girl. Little or no morning sickness points to a boy.

Result: BOY

9. Baking Soda Test – pee on some baking soda in a cup, if it sizzles, a boy and if it doesn’t a girl. Some say there is more acid in your body if you’re carrying  a boy


I’m looking into a few more and I will update the blog. I just stumbled onto a site with 51! holy moley. I’ve heard a lot about a baking soda test as well.

But to sum up my current findings: EVEN! ha.  Stay tuned for more :O)


According to my results, it seems to be Girl winning, BUT this is not by a landslide. And I still haven’t found some string. 1.5 weeks till we’re sure :o)


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Happy Spring!

Every day we are seeing new things sprout, new flowers bloom and new projects to be done. One of the main reasons I started this site, was to document the process of our land. So here are some updated photos of whats been happening here.

Green House March 2012 - we've since expanding this garden to accomodate our vegetables

We raked everything out, but it is still frustrating that it doesn’t seem to look much better because we can’t get everything out. Most likely I’ll get a yard of mulch to do the front gardens so they look much cleaner.

Front Gardens

Lots of roses, greens, ivy, wisteria (which is going nuts), something new every day here!

Rhododendron Bushes - can't wait to see these bloom!!!

I can’t wait for these Rhododendron bushes to bloom, I wonder what color they’ll be? It will be so nice to have some more color on this side of the house.


First – my husband’s phone camera is WAY better than mine. (A nice camera is on my list of wants this year). Here are our black raspberry bushes. Each day we have more of these beautiful bright green leaves. I can’t wait to start seeing the fruit bud. Black raspberries, with vanilla ice cream and little bit of dark chocolate sprinkled on top is by far, my favorite dessert and a pregnant ladies dream!


Partial View of Orchard

We weren’t really sure how to even start out in the orchard. We’ve obviously never had fruit trees, let alone almost 10! My mom, her husband, Keith, and my Pop came to visit this past weekend, and Keith had some fruit trees at his previous house, so he walked around with us. The next day we tackled our orchard pruning. It was a bit late to be pruning because of how nice it has been so we really just took out everything that was dead, and some other branches to help with the opening of the the trees.

Flowering Peach Tree

I’m not going to lie – we don’t really know which fruits some of these trees are. I do know this is one of our 4 peach trees. We also have a sour cherry which I know, but I have no clue the difference between apple and pear (I’d assume they’d be very similar), and I’m pretty sure I know which the plum is, but we’ll definitely know once they start bearing these beautiful fruits.

There is also a huge blueberry patch that my husband needs to rebuild the shelter (deer LOVE blueberry plants, there doesn’t even need to be any fruit! – and we have a LOT of deer that live in our orchard)

I am so thankful for the nice weather we’ve been having to help us get some extra hours outside to prepare for our first season here. We would be so far behind if we were still expecting snow.

An upcoming post will be on some remedies for how to keep deer and other animals away from our fruit!!

After all this yard work, Olive popped open a Laguintas Maximus!

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Seedling Success!

When we moved into our house, the garage was not emptied. This means, we had about 30 years worth of stuff from the previous owners. A lot of it we took to good will, but a lot of it was for the gardens. So we were fine with the extra work, because there was so many useful things we could use. (and a lot of money saved from things we would of had to buy!)

One thing in particular was this green house my husband found the other day:

Green house, and can you see those seedlings already sprouting?? Its only been 3 days!!


This green house had no date on the packaging, but we can only assume it was from the 80s, but we didn’t care! We planted our seedlings on Sunday, and today we opened it up to see some seedlings sprouting. This just goes to show that the previos soil really wasn’t a good environment. Just a bummer it took us a few weeks to replant.

Since this worked so well, my husband devised some make shift greenhouses out of stuff from around the house:

Greenhouses in our living room

The bigger greenhouse is the one we found in the garage, the long plastic container used to hold lettuce from costco, and the circlular container was for my trader joe’s dunkers (so sad they’re gone, but glad their packaging is being repurposed!)

We still have our next round of seedlings which will be the herbs, so we’ll need to find some more makeshift greenhouse plastics. It feels great to repurpose our recycling!

Olive is enjoying the day, she loves laying outside and HATES when you call her in. It is so darn cute she always wins unless we’re actually leaving the house.

Olive from Balcony


Not too shabby day for me either! Great lunch with friend, we just chilled on a park bench at a local park. Puppies were everywhere. Now I’m back home, doing some planning for my prenatal class tonight.

I still can't believe we live in such an amazing place.

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